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PHDMC Information on Duty to Report Communicable Diseases

Montgomery County Medical Society Provided by MCMS Administration

Public Health has seen a need to remind local providers about the duty to report communicable diseases and the following information has been provided by Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County regarding reportable diseases:  

Mandatory reporting is important in order to

  • Contain and control the spread of communicable diseases in our region. 
  • Assure the provision of appropriate medical therapy.
  • Detect common source outbreaks.
  • Plan and evaluate prevention and control programs.

Many providers believe that laboratories will report diseases to the health department upon a positive test result.  However, notification of the health department of cases, suspected cases, and positive lab results is also a responsibility of the healthcare provider.  Infectious Disease reporting contact numbers in Montgomery County are (937) 225-4508 or via fax at (937)224 8853. After Hours: Class A reporting contact number is (937) 225-3000.

Here is a link to a quick guide on communicable diseases in Ohio.

The complete rules for communicable disease reporting in Ohio can be found in the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-3