MCMS President’s Address

2024 – Thomas S. Proctor, M.D.

What an honor to congratulate Dr John Corker on an incredible year as President of the Medical Society.   He is the epitome of selfless leadership.  Through his efforts, our organization has leaped into the electronic era with a rejuvenated website, social media presence and marked enhancements to our onboarding of new members.  He has been instrumental in engaging medical students and residents in the value of organized medicine, crucial to the future for our organization.  His continued involvement here, the OSMA and on a national stage will surely only enhance his legacy.  A new father to Ellie and doting husband to Lisa, it is my honor to thank Dr Corker for a tremendous year. John, thank you from our entire organization.

My comments regarding Dr. Corker are not enough to repay him for the countless hours he has contributed to our organization.   Indeed, he and I stand on the shoulders of the many former Presidents, particularly those who are with us tonight.  You are the pillars of our modern Medical Society.  I hope I can contribute even a fraction of what you have given.  Thank you for still being here.

2024 marks a milestone year for the Montgomery County Medical Society.   I was hoping that was called the Sesquecentennial, making me the Sesquech.  But that was 150.  Instead it’s Septa-quinta-quin-que-centennial.  I got nothing to call that.   Regardless, what an honor to serve a group that has lasted for generations.

Our society doesn’t look like it once did. 

What changed?

Is there a role for MCMS?  I firmly believe…more than ever. 

What do I hope to accomplish in 2024?

I was raised by my grandmother in Germantown with a simple tenet.  “Leave the room better than you found it.”   Given the talent in this room that has created an organization that has lasted 175 years, that … will be a tough task.

I want to thank my spouse, Kyle, for the space to be involved.   Members of my own practice – Drs. Brady, Pook and Corker.  You set the highest possible bar for hard work, doing the right thing for our emergency patients, our practice and the business of medicine.   I am continually inspired by you.

Thank you to Dr. Lisa Egbert for your passion and involvement in AMA leadership while still finding the time to practice medicine and support our local efforts.   Dr. Kumar, Dr. House, Dr. Bothra and anyone I am missing for your involvement at the state and national levels.  Thank you to the members of our Board of Directors for their commitment to make MCMS a fixture in the Dayton community.

And finally, please help me thank Gerri Creel.  We have managed to continue to push back your thoughts of retirement and I plan to add one more year!   Without your tireless, honest, and often thankless commitment to our organization, none of this is possible.

Good night everyone.