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MCMS Ladies Night Celebrates “Roaring Twenties” Style

Montgomery County Medical Society Provided by MCMS Administration

On Friday, February 16, 2024, despite the threat of a snowy weather alert, women physicians gathered in festive style to celebrate a Ladies Night at the home of Samia Borchers, MD. MCMS Second Vice President Jhansi Koduri, MD, posed the idea to gather physicians among special interest groups, and the Ladies Night events were reinstituted. In days not too distant when women physicians were in a very small minority, they then gathered in each others’ homes to share concerns and support for one another. Dr. Annette Chavez continued to bring this activity to life in recent times. Joining Dr. Koduri and Dr. Borchers in planning this event were Drs. Chavez, Caroline Kennebeck and Malak Adib. It was obvious that those who attended believed in the value of joining with other women who share their professional passion. Dr. Borchers’ home was decorated beautifully in the theme style, and she had festive costume pieces for all to adorn to fit right in. Dr. Christina Borchers had fun activities planned to test everyone’s knowledge of the 1920’s period. In keeping with the theme, bartender Jim Case, DDS, served a great Cosmopolitan among many other beverage options! And a delicious buffet was served in elegant manner. Please enjoy the following gallery of photos taken throughout the evening!