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MCMS Meets With U.S. Congressman Michael R. Turner

Montgomery County Medical Society Provided by MCMS Administration
U.S. Congressman
Michael R. Turner
Addresses MCMS

Montgomery County Medical Society, in collaboration with Greene County Medical Society, hosted U.S. Congressman Michael R. Turner at a special “Meet & Greet” Reception on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. MCMS President John Corker, MD, opened the meeting, and turned it over to Master of Ceremonies, Deepak Kumar, MD. He explained that his personal conversations with Congressman Turner led to this unique opportunity for physicians to meet and express their views on the impact of continuous cuts to physician reimbursement through the Medicare program. A number of individuals representing both hospital based and private groups, individual independent practice physicians, and military physicians spoke to the effects that these cuts have had on their ability to maintain their practice and the impact on patient care. OSMA Vice President of Advocacy, Monica Hueckel, attended as well to provide insight as to how some of these issues are impacting Ohio physicians, as well as several other issues including the impact of Surprise Billing legislation on physician practices. Lisa Egbert, MD, AMA Speaker of the House of Delegates, explained that recently a bipartisan bill, HR 6683, has been introduced to Congress to block another round of damaging Medicare physician payment cuts. Physicians are urged to contact Congress to seek their support for this legislation and to take action to find a sustainable path for physicians going forward.