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MCMS Comments on Proposed FTC Ban on Non-Compete Clauses

Montgomery County Medical Society Provided by MCMS Administration

John R. Corker, MD
MCMS President
Tom Proctor, MD,
MCMS 1st Vice President

A recent Dayton Daily News article featured MCMS President John Corker, MD, and 1st Vice President Tom Proctor, MD, who shared comments on how a recently proposed FTC ban on non-compete contract clauses could affect physicians. This proposal applies to all existing and future non-compete agreements and would nullify nearly every non-compete agreement for physician-owned practices and prohibit those going forward.   Read the DDN article here.  Additionally, Dr. Corker was contacted by State Senator Steve Huffman, who is considering re-introducing a bill this year at the state level addressing this issue.  This is a topic that has broad reaching effects on healthcare, and especially the physician community.  Physician input is valuable during this comment period.